Donald Trump Just Turned His Own Party Against Him By Uttering One Simple Phrase!

Just when you thought the in-fighting in the Republican party couldn’t get any worse, Donald Trump manages to stick his foot in his mouth once again.

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President Trump’s new support for reinstalling congressional earmarks is drawing major backlash from those in his own party.

“Maybe we should think about it,” Trump explained to a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the White House this past Tuesday. “Maybe all of you should think about going back to a form of earmarks. You should do it.”

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However, GOP Senator Jeff Flake, who has been a vocal critic of Trump in the past, quickly denounce the new idea of allowing lawmakers to allow pet projects within large spending bills.

“That’s crazy talk — that’s just — we shouldn’t do it,” Flake, who is stepping down from the Senate after this year, said. “That is the swampiest thing that anybody could talk about in Washington if you’re talking about draining the swamp — you’re putting a firehose and refilling it there.” 

Senator Marco Rubio, a former presidential contender who petitioned on a platform against earmark spending, claims that reintroducing the process will not help Congress bridge political divides. 

Questioned if he thought earmarks could make it easier to strike up deals, as Trump had claimed, Rubio said “No, no, I don’t. I don’t want to have earmark spending.” 

However, fellow GOP Senator Bob Corker who initially warned against reinstalling the earmark system as it was used previously — stated that “maybe there’s a way to change the way that it’s done” but until that point it’s “not an appropriate way to do business here.” 

If Donald Trump can’t rally his party together soon, it could spell major disaster in 2020.

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