Breaking: Bi-partisan Senate Committee Agrees to Extend Health Insurance Program for Low-income Kids

The Senate Finance Committee agreed to terms that could extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for five years.

Federal funding for the program, which provides care for 9 million low- and middle-income children, is set to expire at the end of September but it is still uncertain if the legislation will pass as a standalone bill or if provisions such as an ACA stabilization bill will be attached.

Committee chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and ranking Democrat Ron Wyden (Ore.) said the proposal would also provide additional protections for low-income children and flexibility for states, with the five year extension including a gradual reduction in enhanced federal matching funds.

Senator Hatch said, “We will continue to work to advance this agreement in a way that does not add to the deficit, and I am hopeful we can move forward swiftly to ensure no lapse in care for our nation’s most vulnerable children.”

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