BREAKING NEWS — Racist Trump-Supporter Killed Black Man

The Star Telegram reports that a Texan white man brutally murdered a black man after sending a stream of hateful, racist threats to the man’s roommate. Both of the roommates were men of color.

Kevin Parnell, age-38, went to Sammie Jones’s apartment. Jones shared the apartment with Jordan Briggs, who had previously dated Parnell’s daughter. Parnell reportedly blamed Briggs for his daughter’s arrest for prostitution and went to the apartment to punish him.

Earlier that day, Parnell harassed Briggs with threats on Facebook. He threatened to “lynch” him, calling him the N word. In a message to Briggs, Parnell said, “I’m going to strip you naked and whip you like the slave you are.”

Just before the murder, Parnell made a vague and foreshadowing status. It said, “You were warned.” His other statuses were in support of Trump, insulting Obama, gun pride, and attacks directed at liberals.

Two hours later, Parnell went to Brigg’s apartment and banged on the door, ranting racist insults through the door. Briggs told his roommate not to answer the door but Parnell entered the apartment without permission and brandished his gun at the two men.

According to Briggs, Parnell asked Jones if he knew what kind of gun he had. Right after stating it was a Glock 40, Parnell shot Jones in the face. Then he fled the scene. Of the confrontation, Briggs said, “Sammie was being so calm. He just shot my bro in the face and burned off.”

Sadly, Sammie Jones died at the scene and Kevin Parnell has been arrested for murder. Prosecutors are now trying to determine if Jones’s death can be treated as a hate crime. Like Trump’s other followers, Parnell was overflowing with racist hatred.

When a person is called the N word and likened to a slave that should be lynched, it doesn’t get more racist and hateful than that. Because of his inaction, the President has encouraged these crimes and it needs to end.


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