Conservative Pundit Makes Stunning Admission—This is Awesome

Sane conservative thinker and columnist George Will admitted that not only is Obamacare unrepealable but that the inevitable evolution of American healthcare will be a single-payer system. He almost went so far as to say that the market-based health care system he had championed all is career was a failure.

“Barack Obama said as a candidate that he would prefer a single-payer plan but couldn’t get there,” George Will said. “As President when they were going through the Obamacare agonies, he said, look upon Obamacare as a starter home. The beginning, the thin end of an enormous wedge heading toward that. What does Donald Trump say? ‘Single-payer works fine in Scotland.'”

Will continued “So I don’t see any particular animus he has as you say against a single-payer plan. And, what we’ve learned in this debate about repealing Obamacare is that the essence of Obamacare is the expansion of Medicaid. Who has benefited from that? Probably disproportionately white working-class males, Trump voters.”

It’s about time that conservatives admit, while more efficient in many areas, the free market system is a total failure when it comes to healthcare. A failure that has cost millions of American their lives and livelihoods.

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