Flynn Refuses New Subpoena to Appear Before the Senate Intelligence Committee—He’s FINISHED

For the second time former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned after news of his communications with the Russian ambassador emerged, refused to attend a Senate Intelligence committee hearing. Flynn also received a subpoena back in May and refused to testify, stating he would do so if he were granted immunity.

Flynn supplied over 600 pages of documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee in June according to a CNN report. The documents included business records and personal documents “based on the narrowed requests from the committee.” The documents were in response to two subpoenas that the committee sent to Flynn businesses after he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights, which he did at this request, too.

Flynn’s lawyer Robert Kellner declined to comment on the refusal. In the past Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) said the committee would not be giving Flynn immunity for his testimony.

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