Just In: Trump Election Commission Head BLASTED for Fraud Claims—He’s Finished

The head of the election commission started by President Trump after allegations of millions of fraudulent votes, a claim that still has no evidence to back it up, Kris Kobach, was blasted by the New Hampshire secretary of state for his opinion piece published in Breitbart.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner told Kobach at a small meeting that he had arrived with “preconceived, preordained ideas about what the facts are going to turn out to be.”

Gardner continued, “The problem that occurred because of what you wrote is that the question of whether our election as we have recorded it is real and valid. And it is real and valid,” referring to the Breitbart piece.

In the article Kobach claimed he had proof there were fraudulent votes in New Hampshire because the state allows for same day registrants to use out-of-state driver’s licenses to prove their identity.

Gardner pointed out that under New Hampshire law this is legal and allowed for by the state Supreme Court; those domiciled in the state are allowed to legally vote so long as they meet other requirements. That category could include college students and active-duty military stationed in New Hampshire.

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