Racist Renegade Locked Up After Attempting to Turn Counter-Protestors into Roadkill [Watch Here]

In the Trump era, it’s become commonplace for white supremacists to use their vehicles as weapons.  One counter-protester in Charlottesville already died after a white nationalist plowed his car into the back of a line of vehicles.

This time, a man driving a truck with a Confederate flag assaulted counter-protesters in Vancouver, Washington.  They were there to protest the Vancouver Patriot Prayer rally.

The man driving the truck had an Oregon license plate – a state many white nationalists call home.  The renegade pulled up in his Chevy Silverado and backed into a group of counter-protestors.  They were lucky enough to move out of the way before anyone got hurt.

According to Willamette Week:

“The driver continued to drive in reverse for nearly a block, stopping at the next intersection and revving his engine. The protesters yelled for everyone to clear the street and changed their path to escape the truck, walking down 6th Avenue to Washington Street. At that point, however, the truck re-appeared cutting the marchers off.”

The police pulled up behind the truck and arrested the madman.

Watch footage from Vancouver below:

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