Trump Jr. Gets Creamed On Internet Over NYT Photo

Lately, Donald Trump Jr. has been taking after his father and causing trouble on social media but now, Trump Jr. is getting creamed online because of a New York Times article featuring a photo of him that’s obviously staged.

As the New York Times reports in an article published last week, Trump Jr. is facing a closed door inquiry from the Senate Judiciary Committee. regarding his relationship with Trump Tower Kremlin associates. This is a bad sign for Trump’s son because he is now in the middle of the Trump-Russia scandal.

According to the NYT, it’s a sign that the Senate Judiciary Committee is taking on a “higher profile role” to investigate the president’s associates and family in the oncoming months.

Little details were released and there’s no doubt last week’s NYT article will eventually cease to be remembered but the photograph featured in the article, taken in February, will not.

Why is this picture so popular on social media? Because in a single image, the staged and narcissistic lives of the Trump family are on full display for all to see. Can you see the problem? Well, a person would want to look at their photos and typically, they would face inwards but Trump Jr.’s photographs all face outwards – where he can’t see them and their on full display for the camera.

What do you think about the photograph positioning?

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